We are trying to come up with a really good, workable definition of a game.
Here is what we have come up with so far:

A game is something you play to have fun - Minnie
An activity where you compete with other people and try to win - Nancy
An activity that has a goal and you have some control over getting to that goal - Harry
An activity you do to have fun and to use energy - John F
Something to keep you entertained and to use up time - Wafa & Minnie
An interactive activity that allows you to change the outcome by overcoming obstacles that tries to prevent your win - Kingston

Fundamental Features of Games

Challenging and Fair
goals, obstacles, rules, competition, winning & losing, quests, interest
change the outcome, change the characters, change what happens, the end happens as a result of your decisions/actions
socialize, have input, play with friends, your decisons count
Atmosphere or Fantasy
not always real, realistic, imaginative
purpose, setting, characters, story

Group Journal Pages

Journals of each Table Group as they progress through the Game2Learn Project
Group 1 - Nancy, Yilmaz, Angel & Martin
Group 2 - Wafa, Minnie, Keanu & Tore
Group 3 - Kingston, Harry, Lizzie & Ellen-Annie
Group 4 - Yasmin, Sharnee, Zayyan, John C, Jason D & Akaati
Group 5 - Clement, Jason W, Andrew & John F
Group 6 - Jia Jia, Zi Yun, Tepaeru & Gloria
Group 7 - Emily, Sarah, Mohammad & Najee
Group 8 - Zahra, Sabina, Robert & Min Uk

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How Do We Design and Make A Good Digital Game?

Game Design

Here are 3 features of good game design
  1. Challenge: difficulty, learning, clear goals, clear feedback, rewards for achieving goals
  2. Interactivity: real choices and decisions, fair, not confusing
  3. Immersion: good story, strong characters, setting (graphics & music), special effects (sounds & graphics)

What do you think?
  • Are these really the 3 most important features of a good game design?
  • Is one more important than another?
  • Have you played a game that demonstrates these 3 features really well / really badly?
  • What do you understand by these terms?

Write your comments in your group journal or here!

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