Hello Yimaz, Martin, Nancy & Angel!
This is where you will type your journal entries about the Game2Learn project.

When Mrs P told us that we were going to be part of a gaming project and that we were going to make games using a program called Game Maker, we were excited we had always wanted to make a game but we never thought we would get the chance too.

Day 1- Game Maker is so cool we think its great, the way you can make your own game. We cant wait for next week.

Day 2- Our game is starting to take shape today, We have our sprities, objects, room, backround and our objects are moving as well.

Day 3- We now got the basics of a game!

Day 4- We got our game up and running now we have to add levels, lives and all that other stuff that makes a game.

Day 5- Today we added sounds to our game "Fruits of the Forests".

Game Design: