Welcome Sharnee, Yasmin, Zayyan, John C, Akaati & Jason D.
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Weeks 1 & 2

What you think? I thought it was cool because you can make your own cool game. Instead of playing a boring game you can make up your own.

What you've learnt? I've learnt that making a game is not easy than I thought. Because it's not complicating. I might even make up a game without Mr Perkins.

The best part. The best part is that you can make up any kind of game.
Worst part. When I didn't know what to do.
Interesting part. When tere were too many things to do.

*I know how to make a game.
*It is fun because we make it up.
WISH. I wish I could play my game.

Week 3

I think making your own game is pretty cool because it can have all sorts of things like actioin,fun,crazy or difficult. Making your own game is hard because there are lots of folders, lots of arrows pointing and other things. i think its cool because other people can play and maybe they will even beat your point or record.

Ive learnt that making a game is not easy, i thought you just get a character and tell it what to do and then just load it. But in this Game Maker you have to make your character to do lots of things and making it to move is all so hard - putting a backround is easy so now its getting to be easier. By : Zayyan

I think that its fun making games but also hard because when you have to add sprites and all kinds of things like that.I reckon when you make the backrounds and the levels is so fun because for the backrounds you can pick all kinds of patterns and pictures. So you see making games is sooo fun, you can make shooting games, pac man games and all others sorts of games. I mostly like making shooting games because they're much more easier than all the other games.
From:john c