external image Group_5_again.JPGHello Clement, Jason W, John F & Andrew!
This is where you can write in your Game2Learn journal!

Weeks 1-2

Clement:Before I started making games i was really excited. I loved playing games but I really never guessed that I would make any.

Andrew:Before making the game and using the program game maker we had to think about what was the definition of a game.

Jason W: After we thought about what a game was we learnt how to make sprites, objects and backgrounds.

John F: We made the basic structure in our first session and in our second we started to make our walls and making objects bounce off each other.

Week 3

Andrew & Jason W: In this lesson we talked about why we had to make people win or lose. Then we made a speech bubble so when someone won or lost a speech bubble would come up and say either 'YOU WIN' or ' YOU LOSE'. We had to make speech bubbles or people won't know if they lost or won. Winning and losing are important because if you dont have winning and losing in the game it will be never ending and won't be challenging.

Week 4

Clement: We did something special this time, it was very loud! We learnt about sounds, how to put them on. Everyone was having fun, but it was so noisy because people put the sound on so loud. We made the sounds when the ball hit the paddle, when the ball hit the wall, when it hit the fruit, and when we lost. For everything we made different sounds so when we lost we made a sound like something about losing. We wanted to put the score, the lives, and more levels, but we didn't have enough time because everyone was having fun when we tried the sounds.

John F: Yesterday on the 30th of November we learnt how to put sounds in to our games. First, we listened to the sounds we wanted on our games to make sure it's the right ones'. Secondly, we put the sounds on to important parts for example losing, hitting the wall with the ball, the ball hitting the fruit and the paddle hitting the ball. Thirdly, we all listened to most of the sounds. But this wasted our time to put the score and lives on but we will learn hoe to put them on next week.