Hello Girls - Tepaeru, Jia Jia, Gloria & Zi Yun.
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Weeks 1-2

Have you ever made a game or ever design one? Do you think making a game is simple or hard ? Well join game maker and make your very own game just like my class, 5/6P. We have been working on game for maker about two weeks now.

Have you ever made a computer game before or have you ever designed your game before?
Well my class and i went to meet Mr Perkins to find out about program a game called Friuts of the forest,we had to program 3 sprites,3 objects,1 backround and 1 room to start level 1.

Have you ever played a computer game or even designed one? My class have and it was great. I think game maker was a good. Every Thursday our class 5/6P have been learning game maker. Our theme for our game is "Fruits of the Forest." Mr Perkins the person who works for game has been teaching us. In our game there are 3 sprites which are the pictures for our objects. There are also 3 objects which gives the sprites objects to move. We had one room and a backround for our room so the room didn't look boring. There are 3 levels but Mr Perkins have only made one level.